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The ACTivist is a forum to Share strategies; Analyze common contentious issues and struggles within social/political movements; Teach new skills useful to activist groups and individuals; Exchange stories of activist lives; Offer fresh perspectives on activism; Share visions for a better world.
Recently ACT for the Earth has come out with an informative magazine on whats been going on in the world. Here are some interesting acticles that have been puplished:

Recent Articles:
Who's the real criminal?
Does Your Bank Fund the Manufacturing of Uranium Weapons?
U.S. military plans to shoot down its own spy satellite
Profit and Power at the Expense of the Lubicon
Canada’s secret war in Iraq
Canadian Farmers Tour Australia to Warn of the Dangers of Genetically-Engineered Canola
NDP challenges sale of MDA and RADARSAT-2 military satellite
Food Fight: Canada vs. Europe
MidAmerican Energy Holdings cancels Idaho nuclear reactor
Public Health Institute Calls Keen Dismissal a Violation of Public Trust
Researching Space War in New Mexico
RADARSAT-2 Engineers Refuse to Work for Military Giant, ATK
School of Americas Graduates Implicated in Bogotá Bombings
Hooded Detainees “Stand-In” at the Federal Liberal Caucus to Say
No New Secret Trials in Canada

Organic Pioneer says No to Nano
Kodiak Island Becomes Key Star Wars Test Site
Behind Pakistani Politics
Campesino Families Block Fumigation of Soy Fields in Paraguay
CIA-defector Philip Agee dies in Havana at 72
MAJIIC Wars: Canada's RADARSAT satellite company sold to
"Weapons and Space" giant, ATK

Stop the Deployment of Laser Weapons to Afghanistan
Musicians Unite to Stop Nuclear Industry Bailout
Iowa Protestors Ask Huckabee: Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" coming to TV
Conservative Party discovers the power of Facebook while tabling new copyright legislation
Peak Soil + Peak Oil = Peak Spoils
IMF and OECD call on Harper to Reduce Barriers on Foreign
Investment in Canada

Locals Fight Uranium Mining in Haliburton
Italians Block Construction of U.S. Base
Canadian Government fails to detect illegal, genetically engineered rice on store shelves