If you are able to do just one of the following things, let us know at If you can do several of the things on the list, even better!

1) Download our petition | Iraq factsheet | report on CPP investments and circulate them at local conferences, forums and public events; or in your community, workplace, local libraries, or school, etc
2) Invite an ACT for the Earth speaker to address your community, union, workplace, or school
3) Send a letter to the editors of local papers, the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, and the CPP itself
4) Sign onto the campaign as an individual or organization
5) Write an article for your organization or association newsletter; or submit an article to your local community paper
6) Call radio or TV phone-in shows to talk about the need for CPP ethical investment
7) Donate to the campaign. The corporations that are killing the planet have billions of dollars to work with. We don’t, so every bit helps.

For more information download:

ACT for the Earth report on CPP investments Factsheet on CPP investments in Missile Defense and the war in Iraq Factsheet on CPP investments in genetically modified organisms Petition to demand Pensions for Peace! Complete list of CPP Canadian Equity Holdings Complete list of CPP non-Canadian Equity Holdings CPP Investment Board Act